Chromatic Chameleon

We are small guild of game lovers whose goal it is to create settings to explore different mechanics. To introduce ourselves to you, we are starting with the world of Asteria Rising. This fantasy setting will support nearly a dozen great game systems. Future explorations will include horror, science fiction, cyberpunk, and possibly some westerns or urban fantasy works as well.

Otherside of the Table

When I first started following APs, I began with a CoC game of Horror on the Orient Express, and earlier this summer I watched Encounter Roleplay do a video stream of the same campaign on Twitch. Both showed how horribly things can go downhill as people encounter the horrors and insanity of the game. Other podcasts, like Happy Jacks, have complained about the failures of running the Malkavians in Vampire games. Insanity, it seems, is problematic.

This got me thinking about ways to play insane characters. I am not a psychologist, nor do I want to go into the scientific studies. What I want to do is just think about how to have fun when we play.


While our main product Asteria Rising is moving forward we're busily working on a few other projects, and we'd like to let you know about them.

The Other Side of the Table
First, there is our player-facing blog "The Other Side of the Table," were we provide advice to players on everything from character creation to joining in the creation of the campaign. Come by the website to check out our tasty player advice or share it with your players.

Travelling with Legos
Next, we indulge our love of different genres by introducing our Twitch show: "Travelling with Legos." Here we use Legos to develop models from Traveller deck plans. Of course we focus more on Traveller than Legos, bringing back /Snapshot/ to Traveller, for instance, and even doing character builds. The point is to enhance your enjoyment of the classic RPG "Traveller." Check it out at

Chromatic Chameleon Forums
Lastly, many of you know we had some trouble with our registration system, but that’s been fixed and our forums are starting up! You can join us by signing up at Let’s talk gaming!

More to Come!
Aside from these things, we are also developing a Patreon for regular supporters, and an Actual Play series for fans to follow our live games. If you have any other suggestions, we'd love to hear them! Come by the website, drop them off here, or catch us on Twitter at @ChromaticChamel

Latest News

Joined Tod Foley’s Project Ubi a Cyberpunkish anthology and setting building project with 10 other writers and game designers.

Received our first commission art work for the company. Done by Ioana Muresan this piece of multi genre banner art reflects the focus of Chromatic Chameleon. We are hoping to bring her on as the main artist, for Asteria Rising.

Trying to fix our forum issues.

Finished working on UbiCity for now

The Asteria Rising supplement has entered the editing phase,

Starting work on the Herocracy Supplement

First Episode of Travelling with Legos: A streaming show about Traveller rpg and modeling with Legos

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