Chromatic Chameleon

We are small guild of game lovers whose goal it is to create settings to explore different mechanics. To introduce ourselves to you, we are starting with the world of Asteria Rising. This fantasy setting will support nearly a dozen great game systems. Future explorations will include horror, science fiction, cyberpunk, and possibly some westerns or urban fantasy works as well.

Otherside of the Table

About 9 months ago I had an idea for a unique approach to a gaming supplement, as well as half a dozen other supplements for various genres, and a name. At that point in my life starting a gaming company seemed like a great idea, as I took care of my parents. And so began Chromatic Chameleon.

I found a freelance editor who had game design experience, and killing three birds with one stone, this same person could also build a website for me. Next, I reviewed the work of hundreds of artists until I found one I really liked. I went through one cartographer, but soon found another, and all of this was happening while I finished the first supplement. I began looking at incorporation and finalizing my business plan. All seemed to be going well.


Chromatic Chameleon (CC) is at the mid-point of development our first setting will be the magical world of Asteria Rising. Asteria is a world whose people are struggling to overcome the prejudice and wars. It is the time of the Herocracy, the Peace of Zeri and creativity with darkness lurking beneath threating to destroy all that is good.

Asteria Rising explores the fantasy genre and available game systems for the genre. A Tasting Plate if you will of systems The planed systems include: D&D 5ed, Savage Worlds , Roll 20, Fate, Open Legends and Apocalypse World to name a few. Each supplement will contain detail settings, campaign information for a region to help your GM plan a campaign and fit it to the matching system, and an adventure that links to create a campaign of exploration.

Latest News

We have solved the problem with the registration so feel free to join our forums. Recovered from losses in technology and family. Returning my focus to content creation.

Introduces our bi weekly PLAYER focused blog The Other Side of Table

Working on gathering artist for our RPG art gallery.

Joined Tod Foley’s Project Ubi a Cyberpunkish anthology and setting building project with 10 other writers and game designers.

Received our first commission art work for the company. Done by Ioana Muresan this piece of multi genre banner art reflects the focus of Chromatic Chameleon. We are hoping to bring her on as the main artist, for Asteria Rising.

Trying to fix our forum issues.

Finished working on UbiCity for now

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