A Hard Start

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About 9 months ago I had an idea for a unique approach to a gaming supplement, as well as half a dozen other supplements for various genres, and a name. At that point in my life starting a gaming company seemed like a great idea, as I took care of my parents. And so began Chromatic Chameleon.

I found a freelance editor who had game design experience, and killing three birds with one stone, this same person could also build a website for me. Next, I reviewed the work of hundreds of artists until I found one I really liked. I went through one cartographer, but soon found another, and all of this was happening while I finished the first supplement. I began looking at incorporation and finalizing my business plan. All seemed to be going well.

Then the new year started and things turned. First my mother’s health started seriously degrading. Next my hosting provider and webmaster ran into issues automating the contact form on the site due to a complicated DNS setup. After that, I suffered a complete technology failure that forced me to spend hundreds on a new computer. I took all this as par for the course in matters of business and health, but the worst happened when my mom was hospitalized, and eventually died.

My plans just seemed to have fallen apart, and I was in no state to handle it all. For weeks, I'd been going without sleep, either watching my mom or bouncing back and forth between home and the hospital. I was exhausted, full of grief, and at a loss. It took a little time, but eventually I had to start moving forward again.

In early June, it become obvious that I needed to switch webhosts to get the contact form working, and so I did. Now on my webmaster's VPS, the website is working again. That means technology expenses are over with for a while (I thinkknock wood), and money can start going back into editing and art. I can move the company forward, too.

The first thing to come out will be a new batch of blogs. Next, I think I'll start streaming on Twitch as I get my first fantasy supplement Asteria edited. Somewhere along the line I need to get my Patreon up and running, and at that point the second supplement might be done. I'm writing it now, in fact, but I'm burning out on it a little. I might take a break from Fantasy and do some Science Fiction or something Cthulhoid.

I hope you'll all join me on the forums and my stream channel. In the end, all of this is meant to provide you―and me―with entertainment.

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