Hello, Fellow Players: Welcome to the Other Side of the Table.

I thought, an introduction to the blog is needed so you know where I am going. Anyone who reads roleplaying blogs or listen to podcasts, or view video blogs, knows many cover how to be the best game master, while only a few cover how to be the best player. This strikes me as odd, considering everyone knows there are more players than game masters. You would think the hobby would focus on players and playing. That’s why we are here. I thought about the title for a while. One of the most interesting GM blogs is the Angry GM. You should read it when you get the chance. I thought about calling the blog the Happy Player but let’s face it we are not always that happy. GM’s always consider their side of the table as the most important part of the game but what about the other side--the players. It is for this reason I name the blog Other Side of the Table. The Other Side of the Table blog and possible podcast or even video blog will cover four categories of common player issues.

  • Character Creation: This is really the most important stage of the game. Great characters, made in so so games, set in a poorly designed campaign, can make a good game.
  • Playing: With characters we enter the game and we all need guidance on playing our best. When we can do this our characters come alive and the game becomes memorable.
  • Meta: There is a lot of things that happen beyond the game. Much of this involves group dynamics both around the table and outside the game. Here we will discuss how to navigate this area.
  • Settings: We often believe the campaign setting is all in the GM’s hands; this is a myth. Players are also important parts of making the setting. Without players the GM is just a frustrated novelist. This category will discuss our role in making gaming legends.
  • Random Encounters: This section will be full of odd things like reviews, interviews and those things that just do not fit into the other categories. Regardless of what they are they will always be player focused.
  • With the setting mapped out I should establish the rules for the blog. First and foremost, keep in mind we will be working to help the player have the best experiences, regardless of their demography. In simplest terms we do this by following Wheaton’s law “Don’t be a dick”. If I see this behavior you will be removed from the community.

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