Introduction: T Reynolds, Owner and Writer

I have been gaming since 1979 or so that gives me experience…too much for some. In the early 2000s, I broke into writing games by working with BITS followed by Polymancer Magazine. In the next decade, I moved into Independent storyteller games and even joined a game design organization in Portland. I recently wrote an article for an academic work on role playing that went nowhere. Same with a chance for freelance work with FASA...though that might work out so I can't talk much about that.

Like most gamers I started with DnD but I love science fiction and modern fiction. I enjoy games with action and adventure. I have played many of the independent games that focus on the story. I am an escapist gamer. I wrote a few GM help articles for Polymancer but always felt there should be more help for the players. Have you noticed most of what is said about players is from the GM’s point of view? When I moved to playing the Independent storyteller games I realized how well they brought the players to the forefront. Pelgrane Press announced this past Gen Con that they will produce a single player/GM rules using Gumshoe system. Other games do not even have a GM. I realized most games and players do not want to go this far, but all games, could grow if the players and playing are focused on instead of just GMing

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