March Madness

I had this great theme for March. An off the cuff blog. I am I would talk about sports and madness all rolled up in one but life got mad. One of my family members got real sick/injured and I have spent a lot of my free time in the hospital. The job front as you know if you hold down a part time job with near full time hours is hetict. In short March has been really well mad. We have finished the first full edit of Asteria Rising at the end of February early March I do not remember. Now it's time for some development editing. Speaking of we got our first work, it's all over the front page so you know all about it right?
One thing I learned this past 6 months is a labor intensive job means low energy for writing. My next works have to be on the small side if I want to complete anything. Some general ideas have crossed my mind.

I thought I would try to do some Powered by the Apocalypse writing because usually they are short works. The themes are Biker Babes movies meet Mad Max a total environmental apocalypse. Using Night Witches as a model I want to do work on the YPJ/YPG fighters in Syria. Lastly I love British murder mystery shows so maybe one of those.

I want some good SF too. I just bought the PDF copies of Dreampod 9s Jovian Chronicles books. I used the rules for my first published adventure way back when. If you like Gundam or the Expanse this is a good rule set. There is also Traveller, lord knows I miss the game. I have a campaign setting idea but there are so many rules to choices coming with a bunch of rules, settings and copyright baggage. This makes it real hard to move forward on.

Now on the random game design I might be working in Zweihander soon.

As for player focus news. I mentioned in my introduction to my book that my blog has good advice but needs to get more specific to playing and less focus on settings advice. Thats hard but must be done. The readers of the book seem to agree. This brings us back to this months blog. I have three blogs already done so why waste them. The First focuses on 5ed character creation and gaining abilities that give advantages/disadvantages. Next, I give my opinion on video APs and viewer interaction. Lastly I talk briefly about sports, characters and settings.

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